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    Achilleion book with full size photos.

    Achilleion was a beautiful Palace now a museum located on the beautiful island of Corfu in Greece.

    The book titled "Achilleion-The Palace" is written in four languages: Greek, English, German and Russian.

    The size of the book is 24cm x 35,5cm and the number of pages are 130pg. It is a photo book with full size photos depicting the Palace in an artistic way trying to convey the atmosphere of a different era.

    You can buy the photo - book from the bookshops on Corfu island or from some bookshops in Athens or directly from me.

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    Photography gives me the opportunity to create something beautiful and unique in a professional and an artistic way as well. With photography I am able to combine different parts of who I am. This job is fulfilling my inner creative needs and different kinds of prospects and routes. Photography is a journey and the photographic equipment is the means that I am happy to travel with.I hope that you as well will enjoy the journey !

    I provide a range of internal and external photography services:

    • Architectural photography

    • Portraits

    • Fashion

    • Hotels

    • Weddings

    • Ships

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    Maria Zerva

    Art Photographer Maria Zerva was born in Athens on the 27th of November 1975. In 2000 she graduated from the Faculty of Economics of the National and Capodistrian University of Athens. Fascinated by the Art of Photography, she found her steps leading her to Great Britain, where in 2001 she studied Photography. Based in London, in 2003 she received her Degree and participated in a Group Photographic Exhibiton with great success. The same year, she returned to Athens where she began multiple collaborations with well established magazines, providing them with architectural, portrait and travel photography.

    - 2007 finds her back in London where she works as a freelance photographer specializing in architectural photography.
    - In 2008 she again returns to Greece where she has been working as a freelance photographer to date.
    - In 2009 she exhibits at the island of Andros an amazing collection of photographs named 'Ships' and three years later, in 2012 she exhibits her work 'Rhodes' at the island of Rhodes.

    She continues to work passionately and devotedly in architecture, portraits, fashion, weddings and wherever one may find Art.


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    Maria Zerva

    Athens, Greece


    6932 986131
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